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Maker of Renaissance dresses, Elizabethan costumes, Tudor gowns, Medieval wedding dress, wedding gown seamstress, Cosplay, Scottish, Irish, Celtic, Steampunk, Pirate costumes and MORE!

Hi there! Thanks for visiting! My name is Heather, your Very Merry Seamstress. I'm in the process of a much-needed website update, so please bear with me while I fumble my way through. I'm a great seamstress and costume designer, but I'm terrible at coding websites.

I've been selling custom made clothing online since 1998, and have been selling through this website since 2001, so you can be assured that you're dealing with one of the longest-in-business, most reliable custom-made seamstresses on the Internet! I have a BA from SUNY Empire State in Integrated Arts (technical theatre, costume design and illustration). I'm a proud member of the International Costumer's Guild, as well, and I'm genuinely looking forward to working with you.

What I can do for you:

I can make any garment, in any size, for any gender. Are you a size that is difficult to fit? No problem. I offer fitting services that allow me to make clothing to fit you perfectly - ANY size - and I never charge more for plus sizes.

Do you enjoy wearing clothing typically associated with a different gender? I would be truly honored to work with you.

I specialize in theatrical Elizabethan, Tudor and Renaissance clothing, but I can make garments from any era, as long as you can provide me with a visual reference to work from. If you don't have a visual reference, you can hire me to create costuming sketches for you.

Are you getting married? I offer Renaissance wedding garb (for men and women), bridal gowns, Celtic, Irish and Scottish wedding dresses, Medieval wedding gowns, wedding doublets for men, King Henry costumes, Elizabethan and Tudor gowns, including repros from your favorite movies, such as "The Tudors" and "Elizabeth." I offer a full line of very affordable bridesmaid dresses and wedding party ensembles.

My latest obsession is Steampunk clothing and Cosplay costumes. I can do anything.

I love clothing from all eras too - and I can't get enough of the gowns shown on Downton Abbey. Do you love the Regency era? Costumes from "Titanic?" Those gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite gowns depicted in the paintings? I can make every last one of them.

Are you shopping for a Carnivale costume? Look no further. How about Mardi Gras? I've costumed Marie Antoinette look-alikes in opulent Rococo and Georgian gowns for Venice Festivals (and more!) I also offer the widest selection of Ruffs, rebatos and Elizabethan wisks anywhere in the world (and most affordably-priced!)

Are you a well-traveled pirate? I have a full line of original-design bodices and frock coats to tickle your fancy.

Are you a Renaissance Faire Festival newbie? Or a seasoned veteran? I have Renaissance costumes to fit every need and every budget.

What you can do for me:

Drop me a line and say hello!
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