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We offer Renaissance wedding garb, bridal gowns Celtic wedding dresses, Medieval, wedding dresses, Elizabethan and Tudor gowns (repros from The Tudors!) steampunk bodices, steampunk dresses, Cosplay clothing and costumes for men, women and children! Need a custom-made dress for a special occasion, such as a wedding, steampunk event, Cosplay or costume-con or costume party? We have the largest selection of Steampunk, Renaissance, Tudor, Medieval and Regency wedding, bridesmaid, groom's clothing available anywhere in the world. We can create any style gown from history for your historical event or historically-themed wedding. Need Carnivale costumes? We've got everything you need to make you stand out in a crowd!









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Looking for the perfect historically inspired costume from ANY era? We offer the most affordable Elizabethan wedding, Tudor wedding, Medieval wedding, Steampunk wedding, Renaissance wedding gowns and dresses, Edwardian wedding Regency, pre-Raphaelite and movie gowns. We also work with some of the best equestrians and equestriennes to create show-stopping gowns and costumes for horses and riders! Need Carnivale, Cosplay, or Steampunk costumes? We've got everything you need to make you stand out in a crowd! Even if you don't see what you're looking for on these pages, as long as you have a picture, sketch or a painting, we can make it for you. Email us with your ideas and ask us for an estimate!








Our goal here is to make you smile and invite a bit of "playtime" into your life, so take some time and browse our site where you'll find gorgeous Reniassance wedding and bridal gowns, Civil War era dresses and Civil War themed wedding gowns, ball gowns and costumes from all eras throughout history - all handmade by the Very Merry Seamstress and her team of award-winning seamstresses.We've got the best Renaissance and Elizabethan doublets, (for weddings, too!) men's and women's pirate frock coats, pirate garb, Celtic leather bodices and suede Renaissance Faire bodices, Renaissance and Medieval prom and wedding dresses, Medieval wedding gowns and fairy wings too!

We have modern wedding gowns, (custom deisgned JUST FOR YOU!) prom and bridesmaid's dresses, Celtic wedding Dresses, Carnival costumes, Equestrian / Equestrienne Riding costumes for horses and riders, and other clothing from every era, a huge selection of the most exquisite gowns you'll ever see, so if you need inspiration, look no further! We also offer a wide variety of one-of-a-kind custom-created Renaissance, Gothic, Medieval, Theatrical, Civil War, Victorian, Edwardian, Elizabethan, bustle era re-enactment gowns, dresses, doublets and costumes. We have a wide range of styles, eras and fabrics, with a wide range of budgets in mind. We also have a whole selection of gowns, costumes and dresses from your favorite movies, including Titanic, Ever After, Sleepy Hollow, Moulin Rouge LOTR and many, many more! Look through our delicious Renaissance fabrics and let us know which ones you'd like us to use for your Renaissance gown. We have sales and complete packages for those on tight budgets.

Are you looking for just one or two pieces to fill your garb closet?
We have all the basics for Renaissance faire -hats, frock coats, bodices, chemises, corsets, partlets, bumrolls, neck ruffs, gauntlets/vambraces, doublets, breeches and skirts. If you don't see it and you contact us, we can probably make it for you. If you're a reenactor, email us. Just because the majority of our pictures depict non-period attire, doesn't mean we can't make a historically accurate ensemble just for you!

Are you new to the Renaissance Festival scene or to historic reenactment?
If you're not concerned with historical accuracy, perhaps you'll want to start out with a wench, peasant or Irish overdress ensemble. If you're looking for period correct attire, we have Tudor working-class ensembles and clothing from other eras/regions as well. We have several ensembles for the Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic/Celtic heritage folks as well, and all things Civil War for the reenacting families. We're very proud of our line of Tudor Gowns, such as Anne Boleyn, one of the six wives of King Henry. We carry a full line of SCA-approved, historically correct garments, such as our newest Tudor peasant ensemble, cotehardies, stockings, chausses, braes and shifts. Are you an equestrian in need of horse or riding costumes? Send us an email! Most of our customers are not concerned with historical accuracy, but some are. Please let us know if you require historically accurate clothing and we'll be delighted to work with you on your order.

Are you a seasoned festival veteran?
Then perhaps you're looking for a high court or noble Queen Elizabeth gown or one of our voluminous-sleeve Tudor dresses. Do you love the look of the Italian Renaissance dress or garb from other regions? Come on in! Choose from Spanish, Italian, German, Scottish games attire, all the garb you'll need for Highland festivals, and many other reproduction clothing designs! We've got something for everyone - and if you don't see it, just ask.
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