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Renaissance Elizabethan Partlets & Blouses



Blouse Partlet: The first partlet option is similar to a modern blouse. It features full-length sleeves and may be worn without a chemise or smock under it.

Historically Accurate Partlet: The second partlet option is the historically accurate version, which is similar to a modern "dickey" or "mock turtleneck." It features a collar and yoke, which ties under the arms. You should wear a chemise or a smock under this type of partlet to be historically accurate.

Blouse Partlets


elizabethan partlet
Pictured is customer Jennifer wearing our historically accurate partlet. Jennifer is part of a singing group, the Cheshire Singers - and they are available for weddings.

Blouse Partlets
Updating - returning soon....


Historically Accurate Partlets

The black garment pictured over the bodice in the above image is our historically accurate partlet. It can be worn over or under the bodice and has ties at the underarm. It is similar to a modern dickey garment and does not have any sleeves, no decorative stitching and no box pleating.

Historically Accurate Muslin partlet - white or off-white - white only


Historically Accurate Colored Cotton Partlet - any one color


Historically Accurate black and white (two layer) partlet (as seen above)